NRA, where you at? Asking for a friend.

The last week or so was hard for those of us who were hoping that for once, we would see communities of color receive justice for the murders of their sons and daughters.  Less than a year ago, millions of people watched a Facebook Live video where a young black man was murdered in front of his girlfriend and her little girl.  A man, legally carrying his firearm and notifying the cop of his exact movements, was shot to death while sitting in the car with a child.  And his murderer was recently acquitted. 

Philando Castile’s death was another on a long and ever growing list of black and brown lives taken at the hands of the police.  With the very graphic, very real video of his murder, we all hoped that we would finally see justice.  The American justice system had different ideas, though.  They must have a melanin threshold because it certainly doesn’t seem like they give a shit about anyone who isn’t white.

There are a couple of pieces of this story, outside of the heinous and obvious injustice of it all, that I think are important to draw attention to.

  1.  This asshole shot into a car with a CHILD in the backseat.  Not only did he have zero regard for the life of the man who pumped full of bullets, but he clearly couldn’t care less about the life of the little girl in the backseat.
  2. Yes, Yanez is Latino.  However, that doesn’t mean that race isn’t a factor here.  Yanez’s murder of Castile is a direct result of Latinx’s sentiment of anti-blackness.  We can’t look away from that piece.
  3. Castile was legally carrying his gun.  He was cooperating with authorities.  If he were white, the NRA would be all over this.  So where are they now?

Seriously, though.  Where is the NRA?  They retweeted a Congressman who stated that he now wants to carry a gun, given that he feels unsafe after last week’s mass shooting.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.51.00 PM.png

They are encourage schools to ensure that their staff is armed after Sandy Hook.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.50.25 PM.png

But they are notably silent about Philando Castile.  They are notably silent about the obvious need for black men and women need to arm themselves as the country continues to arm itself against them.  When the Black Panther Party encouraged people of color to arm themselves to defend themselves, the NRA was, notably, pro-gun control.  So why should a congressman “ought to be able to defend [himself] anywhere [he has] a legal right to be,” but a black citizen should not?

This question is not rhetorical.  I am very serious.  Just this week, a pregnant black woman named Charleena Lyles was murdered in her own home after calling the police for help.  Kouren Thomas was murdered for hanging out with his friends.  Black men and women are murdered at an incredibly alarming rate. Why are you not on board with encouraging them to arm themselves, NRA?  Do you have a melanin threshold too?  Asking for a friend.  Asking for my brothers. And my daddy.  And my cousins.  And my uncles.  And those of every other person of color in this nation.  Standing by for your response.  Thanks.


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