From Russia with Love…

Imagine being the woman in a devil’s threesome where no one can *quite* get it up… you’re going to have a really bad time, right?  Well, that’s basically where the American people stand with Russia and our Commander in Chief.  Between the bruised egos and both of them trying to royally screw us, it’s a disaster.  Honestly, at this point, I can barely keep track of what is going on or who is involved with whom.  The only thing we can take away from this is that our election was, in all likelihood, severely compromised and our president is, in all likelihood, somehow culpable.  And at this point, I vote we abort mission and make a swift exit; we can let them screw each other.


Mural on wall of Lithuanian restaurant.

That’s a pretty terrifying truth to process.  It is a slap in the face to the very foundation on which this country is built. It means that the US is in the midst of a Russian-supported kleptocratic coup.  And if you’re anything like me, you have no idea what this means for the future of our nation.

Ydonald-trump-cartoon-w-putin-imageou would think that by this point, some action against the Trump administration would have been taken.  You would think, given the GOP’s horror surrounding a grandmother’s use of email, that collusion with Russia to undermine the democratic process would be devastating.  Not so surprisingly, though, they don’t seem to see a problem.  Instead, the problem they see is with WHO LEAKED IT.  So… yea, as per usual, GOP priorities are definitely in order.

What all of this has me thinking, though, is how much of this just truly proves how racist and misogynist the GOP is.  They stood against Obama, who was arguably one of the best presidents in the history of this nation, and blocked his every move.  He was scandal-free.  He was respectful.  But he was black, which of course meant that he couldn’t possibly be allowed to effectively lead this nation without the GOP putting up a fight. The GOP could not handle a black man leading this nation with the grace and strength exhibited by Barack Obama, and so they aimed to destroy him.  The current president of this nation started his political career appealing to this racism; the birther movement gave the GOP a way to subtly veil their racial animosity and push Obama’s “illegitimacy” with impunity. In many ways, what happened during the Obama presidency is what has given us Trump (No, I am not saying it’s Obama’s fault… even in the SLIGHTEST).  Under Obama, the racist underbelly of the GOP could no longer hide and in DJT, they found their leader.


They also seemingly couldn’t stomach the thought of a woman doing it, either.  I won’t delve into all of the incredibly sexist remarks made throughout her campaign, or Trump’s incredibly misogynist and aggressive behaviors toward her during debates (that lurking?  WTF?).  This concern even extends into the behavior of Comey.  Comey said he has been investigating Trump since July.  Why haven’t we heard about it?  We sure as hell heard all about the Hillary investigations, even if the findings ended up being innocuous.  So why did Comey slam Hillary (and likely influence the election), while hiding the details of his extensive investigation into Trump?  I wonder if it is that he thought Trump deserved a level of respect that Hillary didn’t?  I wonder if it was some form of sexism, whether unconscious or not?  Honestly, I can’t say.  But what I will say is that Trump has made it clear that you can do 10x worse than what Hillary was accused of and still be viewed as a leader of this nation.  I have to believe that this is true, in part, because he is a man.


I have said this before, but I will reiterate it here: Trump is what happens when white privilege, rape culture, and incredible wealth intersect.  If he were a black man, married 3 times, with children by 3 women, who had been accused of rape, and caught on tape joking about sexual assault, do you think he would have been elected president?  Hell no.  Obama had to be damn near perfect to get where he was and even THEN the GOP tried to drag him through the mud.  If Trump were a woman, who decided to talk over people, rant on live television, creepily stalk her opponents on stage, and hurl insults and innuendo about her sexual prowess around the political stage, would she be the leader of the “free world?” No. She wouldn’t.  The only reason Trump is where HE is? He is rich, he is white, and he is a man.  Example: This asshole colluded with Russia and the GOP is still standing behind him.

Trump can engage in a Russian-sponsored kleptocratic coup and still be viewed as a legitimate leader.  Say that out loud a few times because it is real … and that is the power of whiteness in this nation. Don’t forget that.



2 thoughts on “From Russia with Love…

  1. I legitimately miss Obama. 2 terms, moved the nation forward (after a forced 2 terms of Bush), and was scandal free! Probably the first president that has been so. Trump went into the White House full of scandals that he carried well before the election and only piled them on. Seriously, why is he not impeached yet? (I already know the answer.)

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    1. Yep. There’s no way the GOP is going to impeach a white nationalist puppet over whom they they thought they could exert some level of control. He fits the mold of who they think a worthy leader is. And the fact that none of the scandals matter tells you EXACTLY what that mold looks like. They have chosen party over country and that will have horrific consequences for the rest of us.

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