A Message to the Resisters… And to Those Who Still Follow DJT.


Resisters: I worry that we are already battle weary.  Over the last month, our resolve to resist has been tested daily.  Every few hours, it seems that this administration makes a new decision that perpetuates oppression against anyone who is not a straight, Christian, cis-gendered, white male.  Every few hours, people across this country have their safety thrown into question.  They wonder whether they can exist freely in this nation with respect and in peace.  That is not the America I want to be a part of.  That is not the America I want us to be any longer.

Yesterday, Donald Trump made a decision to pull back protections for trans students.  Yesterday, our Water Protectors were arrested defending the purity of the single most important resource we have.  In weeks before, we saw DT and his administration try to implement a Muslim Ban and promise to build a wall.  We saw them galvanize ICE officers and send them into communities to tear apart families.  We watched as people shamed refugees and, in doing so, trampled on the values of this nation.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.18.16 PM.png

DT has lied to the American people at every turn and compromised the respect of his office via his more than questionable ties with Russia, but yet, people still follow him.

In the years leading to November 8, 2016, we listened to DT make abhorrent statements over and over.  He mocked a disabled person.  He bragged about committing sexual assault.  He promoted violence against people of color and anyone who disagreed with him.  He awakened in this nation and underbelly of hate and bigotry that has become braver and bolder since his victory.

And the rest of us?  We are tired.  We can’t afford to be, but it is natural and we are.  We are tired and we are disappointed.  We are being forced to watch the nation that we call home crumble under the weight of an ableist, sexist, white nationalist, fascist administration.  This is not alarmist.  This is not “fake news” or “alternative facts.”  This is the reality.

What we do over the next months and years will either adorn or sully the American history texts of the future.  There is nothing more important at this time than patriotism.  For women, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, and every other oppressed group: this country may not have always felt like it belonged to us, but it always has.  This country was built by and at the expense of all of us… and we cannot let this whitelash tear down all of the progress we’ve made and all of the progress we are OWED.

We have a responsibility to our children.  We have a responsibility to each other.  We have a responsibility to ourselves.  So, yes, notice that you are tired.  Allow yourself to hold that for a moment… and then put it aside.  The time for rest will come when this battle is over.  The lives of people in this nation are in the hands of those who thrive on hate, ethnonationalism, and oppression.  We absolutely cannot let that win.  Remember, they want us to be tired.  They want us to give up, but to do that would be to forsake everything that the US is supposed to stand for.  I’m not OK with that and I know that you aren’t either.

We have an opportunity in this moment of history to call America to the floor and demand from her what she promised at her inception: liberty, justice, and equality for all people.  We cannot let this opportunity pass us by.  We cannot let the hate, the insults, or the ignorance of Donald Trump and his followers distract us from standing for what we know is right.

Together, we can do this.  Together, we have no choice.  I love this country and what it was meant to be… and I am ready to resist and fight to make it not just what it was before DT, but so very much more.

To every activist, micro or macro, who has taken the time to take a stand: thank you.  We need you.

To every activist who is ready, but scared: I am, too… but we are standing on the right side of history and I have to believe that matters.

To every DT voter who regrets their decision because they “didn’t realize” he would do this:  When someone shows you who they are, believe them. You have shown us that you are easily conned… and I am not sure what to do with that.  If you want to help us, you are going to have to prove that.  Aggressively.  So please, get to it.  Because the rest of us are running out of time with every day that passes under this administration.


To every DT voter who stands by him: You are not my friends.  You are not safe and I do not trust you.  Unfortunately, your comfort with your choice is a direct act of disrespect to me and to people I love. I will personally hold you and every other person who still supports Trump responsible for each atrocity committed at his hand. If my mother can’t come home after her honeymoon because she doesn’t have an American passport or white skin, I will hold you responsible. If my Muslim family is forced to continue to live in fear and register, I will hold you accountable. If a highly militarized police force targets and harms my little brothers because of the color of their skin, I will hold you accountable. If disabled people are mocked and denied services, I will hold you accountable. If LGBTQ people are victimized and marginalized, I will hold you accountable. If someone grabs my genitals without my permission, I will hold you accountable. For every death, for any emotional pain, for every single atrocity, I will hold you personally accountable. If you can live with that, then by all means, continue to support this man. And kindly fuck off.



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