A Poem, A Promise, and a Plea

Over the last few days, I have been spending time considering how I want this blog to look… and what I really want the content to represent. I have reached out a little bit via social media regarding what you guys might like to see and I am super excited by the responses I’ve gotten… but I wanted to share with you an idea I had while sitting in class tonight (I know… clearly paying attention).

This blog is meant to be a vehicle that brings people information and perspective.  And I realize… if it is just my perspective, then we lose something really valuable.  There is a chorus of voices consisting of women and people of color that are engaged in the same rallying cry and the same commitment to sharing truth.  I want to use this blog as a platform to share some of these voices.

Each week, I want to feature the work of a woman and/or person of color who has some form of art they’d like to share with the world.  Are you a writer? A singer? A dancer? A poet? A painter? Just a general magical soul with a message for the people?  Send me your art.  Send me your kid’s art.

Through these pieces I want to construct a representation of the identity of this nation… in all of it’s multi-faceted, multi-medium, multi-colored glory… because I think that in times like these, art and creativity are what saves us.

Please send me submissions via email at theoffwhiteblog@gmail.com.  Along with your submission, send me a short blurb about how your particular art/creative outlet has sustained you and why social justice is important to you.

The chorus of voices is a vital component of real truth.  And our nation is not a slab of white subway tile.  It is a mess of beautiful, broken mosaic pieces of many colors coming together to make something truly unique and completely remarkable.

Let’s do this thing :).

I’ll start.  Untitled, original poem below.

Do you ever wonder
if you hold your head down under
all the water of this nation
if you’ll ever drown the thunder
of our rage as it grows loud
And it pulls away the shroud
That we use to cover lies
About the freedoms we’re allowed
Freedoms like selling cigarettes
Or from catcalls and from threats
Unless your pigment or your sex
Means that you are born indebted
to this world.


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